Privacy Policy

owned and operated by LMCT Plus having registered office in Victoria,Australia, is committed to protecting your privacy. We have preparedthis Privacy Policy to describe to you our practices regarding thePersonal Information we collect from users of our website.

By using the Services, users consent to the collection and use of theirPersonal Information by us. You also represent to us that you have anyand all authorisations necessary to use these Services including usingthem to process Personal Information. We collect and use the informationyou provide to us, including information obtained from your use of theServices. Also, we may use the information that we collect for ourinternal purposes to develop, tune, enhance, and improve our Services,and for advertising and marketing consistent with this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy has been drafted having regard to our obligationsunder the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Privacy Amendment (EnhancingPrivacy Protection) Act 2012 which includes the Australian PrivacyPrinciples (collectively, the Privacy Act). This Privacy Policy is apublic document and has been prepared in light of Australian PrivacyPrinciple 1 i.e. Open and Transparent Management of PersonalInformation.

Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding ofhow our website collects, uses, protects or otherwise handles users’Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy is intended to inform users about how our websitetreats Personal Information that it processes about users. If users donot agree to any part of this Privacy Policy, then we cannot provide itsServices to users and users should stop accessing our services.

By using the Services, You acknowledge, consent and agree that we maycollect, process, and use the information that you provide to us andthat such information shall only be used by us or third parties actingunder our direction, pursuant to confidentiality agreements, to develop,tune, enhance, and improve the Services.

Although we may attempt to notify you when changes are made to thisPrivacy Policy, you are responsible for periodically reviewing anychanges which may be made to the Policy. We may, in our sole discretion,modify or revise the Policy at any time, and you agree to be bound bysuch modifications or revisions.


• “Collect” means gather, acquire or obtain by a lawful and fair means,information in circumstances where the individual is identifiable oridentified.

• “Express Consent Consequences” includes the fact that that we will notbe accountable under the Privacy Act and you will not be able to seekredress under the Privacy Act in the event that you provide consent tothe disclosure of your Personal Information by us to an overseasrecipient and the overseas recipient handles your Personal informationin breach of the Privacy Act.

• “Expressly Informed” means the circumstance where we have provided youwith a clear statement (either verbal or in writing) of the ExpressConsent Consequences.

• “Opt Out” means an individual’s expressed request not to receive further Direct Marketing communications.

• “Personal Information” means information that is not SensitiveInformation, including information or an opinion (whether information oran opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not and whetherrecorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identityis apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained from the information oropinion. This includes, but is not limited to, an individual’s firstname, last name, email address, phone number, password and address.

• “Primary Purpose” is the main reason for the Collection of any Personal Information.

• “Reasonable Expectation” means a reasonable individual’s expectationthat their personal information might be Used or Disclosed for therelevant purpose.

• “Secondary Purpose” means a purpose of Use or Disclosure other than a Primary Purpose.

• “Sensitive Information” is given its meaning in section 6(1) of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

• “Use” means the handling of Personal Information by our Company.


• When you register with us, you provide us information about yourself –your name, email address, phone number etc. If you correspond with usby e-mail, we may retain the content of your e-mail messages, youre-mail address, and our responses. We also collect general informationabout your use of our services.

• While interacting with other users on the Forum or Interactive Area,you share your contact information, the messages which you share are notprivate and can be viewed by any member or user of the website.

• The advertisement and other related details that you post on thewebsite and the information which you share therein are collected by us.


• When you access or use our Services, we automatically collect information about you, including:

• Log Information: We log information about your use of our website,including your browser type and language, access times, pages viewed,your IP address and the website you visited before navigating to ourwebsite.

• Device Information: We may collect information about the device youuse to access our Services, including the hardware model, operatingsystem and version, unique device identifier, phone number,International Mobile Equipment Identity (“IMEI”) and mobile networkinformation.

• Location Information: With your consent, we may collect informationabout the location of your device to facilitate your use of certainfeatures of our Services, determine the speed at which your device istraveling, add location-based filters (such as local weather), and forany other purposes.

• Information Collected by Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: Weuse various technologies to collect information, and this may includesending cookies to you. A “cookie” is a small data file transferred toyour computer’s hard drive that allows a Website to respond to you as anindividual, gathering and remembering information about yourpreferences in order to tailor its operation to your needs, likes anddislikes. Overall, cookies are safe, as they only identify your computerto customize your Web experience. Accepting a cookie does not provideus access to your computer or any Personal Information about you, otherthan the information you choose to share. Other servers cannot readthem, nor can they be used to deliver a virus. Most browsersautomatically accept cookies, but you can usually adjust yours(Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome) to notify you ofcookie placement requests, refuse certain cookies, or decline cookiescompletely. If you turn off cookies completely, there may be somewebsite features that will not be available to you, and some Web pagesmay not display properly. To support the personalized features of ourwebsite (such as your country and language codes and browsing functions)we must send a cookie to your computer’s hard drive and/or usecookie-based authentication to identify you as a registered websiteuser.


• While interacting with other users on the Forum/interactive area, youshare your contact information; the messages which you share are notprivate and can be viewed by any member or user of the website.

• The advertisements and related material that you post on the websiteand the information which you share therein are collected by us.


• You agree that you will enter into transactions with third partiesthrough our website and will share your Personal Information with themfor easy completion of the transaction. You hereby expressly agree thatwe shall not be involved or held liable for any breach of the privacy orsecurity of that data. The said breach, if any, shall be a matter ofdispute between you and the third party and we shall not be held liableor be issued a notice for the same.

• We STRONGLY recommend that you should be careful and vigilant whiledisclosing your Personal Information with your transaction partner.Please do not disclose your bank and account details to anyone throughour website or to any individual whom you have met through our website.

• We do not take credit card/debit card or other bank details on ourwebsite. For payment you will be directed to sign in through therespective payment gateways integrated on our website and thetransaction would be completed therein. It is to be noted that we willnot be storing any Bank related information on our records and none ofour staffs will hold or be exposed to this information.


• We use the personal information we collect to fulfil your requests for services, improve our services and contact you.

• By providing us your e-mail address, you consent to us using thee-mail address to send you our website and services related notices,including any notices required by law, in lieu of communication bypostal mail. You also agree that we may send notifications of activityon our website to the e-mail address you give us, in accordance with anyapplicable privacy settings. We may use your e-mail address to send youother messages, such as newsletters, changes to our features, or otherinformation. If you do not want to receive optional e-mail messages, youmay modify your settings to opt out.

• Our settings may also allow you to adjust your communicationspreferences. If you do not wish to receive promotional email messagesfrom us, you may opt out by following the unsubscribe instructions inthose emails. If you opt out, you will still receive non-promotionalemails from us about your account and our Services.

• Following termination or deactivation of your services, we may (butare under no obligation to) retain your information for archivalpurposes. We will not publicly disclose any of your Personal Informationother than as described in this Privacy Policy.

• At our sole discretion, for any reason or no reason at all, we reservethe right to remove any content or messages, if we believe that suchaction is necessary (a) to conform to the law, comply with legal processserved on us, or investigate, prevent, or take action regardingsuspected or actual illegal activities; (b) to enforce this policy, totake precautions against liability, to investigate and defend ourselvesagainst any third-party claims or allegations, to assist governmentenforcement agencies, or to protect the security or integrity of ourwebsite; or (c) to exercise or protect the rights, property, or personalsafety of the website, our users, or others.


• As a matter of policy, we will not sell or rent information about youand we will not disclose information about you in a manner inconsistentwith this Privacy Policy except as required by law or governmentregulation. We co-operate with law enforcement inquiries, as well asother third parties, to enforce laws such as those regardingintellectual property rights, fraud and other personal rights.

• We will not share the personal information we collect about you withany third party for their own marketing purposes without your consent.We have contract with third parties prohibiting them from sharing yourPersonal Information.

• If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy or Terms of Service,please discontinue use of our Service; your continued usage of theService will signify your assent to and acceptance of our Privacy Policyand Terms of Use.



• We take reasonable precautions to ensure that the Personal Informationwe Collect, Use and Disclose is complete, relevant and up-to-date.However, the accuracy of that information depends to a large extent onthe information you provide. That’s why we recommend that you:

• Let us know if there are any errors in your Personal Information; and

• Keep us up-to-date with changes to your Personal Information such as your name or address.


• We are very concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of yourpersonal data. We employ administrative, physical and electronicmeasures designed to protect your information from unauthorised access.

• By using this website or the Services or providing PersonalInformation to us, you agree that we can communicate with youelectronically regarding security, privacy, and administrative issuesrelating to your use of this website or Services.

• We use commercially reasonable physical, managerial, and technicalsafeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your PersonalInformation. We cannot, however, ensure or warrant the security of anyinformation you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk. Once wereceive your transmission of information, we make commerciallyreasonable efforts to ensure the security of our systems. However,please note that this is not a guarantee that such information may notbe accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of ourphysical, technical, or managerial safeguards. If we learn of a securitysystems breach, then we may attempt to notify you electronically sothat you can take appropriate protective steps.

• Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Policy, we maypreserve or disclose your information if we believe that it isreasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal request;to protect the safety of any person; to address fraud, security ortechnical issues; or to protect our rights or property. However, nothingin this Policy is intended to limit any legal defences or objectionsthat you may have to a third party, including a government’s, request todisclose your information.

• We strictly advise you not to share any personal information regardingyour bank account details or other confidential information with anyother user on the website and in case you do so, you shall be personallyresponsible for the same. We shall in no such case be held responsibleor liable for the same.


• You have several choices regarding use of information on our Services:

• Email and Phone Number Communications: We will periodically send youfree newsletters and e- mails that directly promote the use of ourwebsite, or Services. When you receive newsletters or promotionalcommunications from us, you may indicate a preference to stop receivingfurther communications from us and you will have the opportunity to“opt-out” by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in thee-mail you receive or by contacting us directly. Despite your indicatede-mail preferences, we may send you service related communications,including notices of any updates to our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

• Changing or Deleting Your Personal Data: You may change any of yourpersonal information by visiting the website and following thedirections therein or by emailing us at You mayrequest deletion of your personal data by us, and we will usecommercially reasonable efforts to honour your request, but please notethat we may be required to keep such information and not delete it (orto keep this information for a certain time, in which case we willcomply with your deletion request only after we have fulfilled suchrequirements). When we delete any information, it will be deleted fromthe active database, but may remain in our archives. We may also retainyour information for fraud prevention or similar purposes.

• You may, of course, decline to submit personal data through thewebsite, in which case, we may not be able to provide certain servicesto you. You can review and correct the information about you that wekeep on file by editing your account settings or by contacting usdirectly at


Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important. Thus,we do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from anyoneunder the age of 18 or knowingly allow such persons to register. If youare under 18, please do not attempt to register for the Service or sendany information about yourself to us, including your name, address,phone number, or email address. No one under age 18 may provide anypersonal data for accessing the Service. In the event that we learn thatwe have collected personal data from a child under age 18, we willdelete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that wemight have any information from or about a child under the age of 18,please contact us.


In case of a merger or acquisition, we reserve the right to transfer allthe information, including personal data, stored with us to the newentity or company thus formed. Any change in the website’s policies andstanding will be notified to you through email.


Our website contains links to other websites. The fact that we link to awebsite is not an endorsement, authorisation or representation of ouraffiliation with that third party. We do not exercise control over thirdparty websites. These other websites may place their own cookies orother files on your computer, collect data or solicit personalinformation from you. Other sites follow different rules regarding theuse or disclosure of the personal information you submit to them. Weencourage you to read the privacy policies or statements of the otherwebsites you visit.


It is our policy to provide notifications, whether such notificationsare required by law or are for marketing or other business relatedpurposes, to you via e-mail notice, written or hard copy notice, orthrough conspicuous posting of such notice on the website, as determinedby us in our sole discretion. We reserve the right to determine theform and means of providing notifications to you, provided that you mayopt out of certain means of notification as described in this PrivacyPolicy.


• Do Not Track (“DNT”) is a privacy preference that users can set incertain web browsers. DNT is a way for users to inform website andservices that they do not want certain information about their webpagevisits collected over time and across websites or online services.

• We are committed to providing you with meaningful choices about theinformation collected on our website for third party purposes, and thatis why we provide the opt-out links. However, we do not recognise orrespond to browser-initiated DNT signals, as the Internet industry iscurrently still working toward defining exactly what DNT means, what itmeans to comply with DNT, and a common approach to responding to DNT.


• We understand and respect that not all users may want to allow us toshare their information. If you do not want us to share yourinformation, please contact us through the and wewill remove your information as soon as reasonably practicable. Whencontacting us, please clearly state your request, including your name,mailing address, email address and phone number.

• However, under the following circumstances, we may still be required to share your personal information:

• if we are responding to court orders or legal process, or if we needto establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legalclaims.

• If we believe it is necessary to share information in order toinvestigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities,suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physicalsafety of any person, violations of our Terms of Use or as otherwiserequired by law.

• If we believe it is necessary to restrict or inhibit any user fromusing any of our Site, including, without limitation, by means of“hacking” or defacing any portion thereof.


If you receive an unsolicited email that appears to be from us or one ofour members that requests personal data (such as your credit card,login, or password), or that asks you to verify or confirm your accountor other personal information by clicking on a link, that email waslikely to have been sent by someone trying to unlawfully obtain yourinformation, sometimes referred to as a “phisher” or “spoofer.” We donot ask for this type of information in an email. Do not provide theinformation or click on the link. Please contact us on the contactdetails provided on the website if you get an email like this.


We may update this Privacy Policy and information security proceduresfrom time to time. If these privacy and/or information securityprocedures materially change at any time in the future, we will post thenew changes conspicuously on the website to notify you and provide youwith the ability to opt out in accordance with the provisions set forthabove.

Continued use of our website and Service, following notice of suchchanges shall indicate your acknowledgement of such changes andagreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of such changes.


We reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account or deletecertain contents from any profile or public domain within the ambit ofthis website if the said account or content is found to be in violationof our privacy policy. We sincerely request you to respect privacy andsecrecy concerns of others. The jurisdiction of any breach or disputeshall be determined in accordance with the terms of use of the website.


We do not accept any reservation or any type of limited acceptance ofour privacy policy. You expressly agree to each and every term andcondition as stipulated in this policy without any exception whatsoever.


The policy constitutes a part of the user terms. We have taken utmostcare to avoid any inconsistency or conflict of this policy with anyother terms, agreements or guidelines available on our website. In casethere exists a conflict, we request you to kindly contact us for thefinal provision and interpretation.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, our practicesrelating to the website, or your dealings with us, please contact us